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Below, you can find all the prior lecture series!  As we finish each live lecture series or course, they will be added here!


Medical Degree to Financially Free

This introductory video series is all about the most important thing in personal finance – Cash Flow.  Learn how to create it, protect it, and use it to pay down your debt!

15 Lessons

physician negotiation

Negotiation 101 for Physicians

Have you ever wondered how some doctors can negotiate their way to whatever they want?  Check out this introductory video series to learn how to negotiate with your boss and children alike!

6 Lessons

Physician Side Gig

Online Entrepreneurship

Have you ever thought about starting a blog, podcast, coaching/course business? Do you want to know how I created an online business at The Physician Philosopher that has brought in over $1 million?  In this course, I discuss the step-by-step process to discovering your niche and building the funnel to a successful online business.

13 Lessons

investor policy statement

How to Create an Investor Policy Statement

In this course, we talk about the importance and magic of an Investor Policy Statement. Then, we walk you through the step-by-step process to create your own!

[Coming soon!]