Negotiation for Physicians

Physician Negotiation

In training, you are taught the art and science of medicine. You are trained in skills that very few will have, and people will always need. Yet, you are not necessarily paid what you are worth.

In this course on negotiation for physicians, we will teach you how to get what you want – whether that be more admin time, better pay, or the ability to focus on a certain aspect of your job.

Lesson 1 – If the art of negotiation is “letting someone else have your way”… it must be said that no artist was born knowing how to paint, sculpt, or draw.  Welcome to the intro of negotiation!

Lesson 2 – In negotiation, getting both sides on the same team is key.  This can only be done if everyone feels heard and stays safe.  

Lesson 3 – Don’t forget that it is more important to “get it right” than to “be right”.  This is how you keep your eye on the prize.

Lesson 4 – If you want all the information you need to successfully negotiate, don’t forget that God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Learn how to listen more and talk less!

Lesson 5 – There are certain words in a negotiation that will crush your chances of success.  Things like saying “no”… this is why you should never say “no” and what you should say instead.

Lesson 6 – No matter how it goes, sometimes negotiations get down to brass tacks.  Learn how to extract your maximum value!