Create the Financial Freedom Every Doctor Deserves


Join Dr. Jimmy Turner for the Two-Day Financial Freedom Workshop for Physicians
… and get immediate access to our Free Financial Freedom Workbook PDF

Recordings will be provided if you cannot make it live.
Dates for the talks are June 14th and June 16th at 7pm EST / 4pm PST

Every doctor deserves to practice medicine because they WANT to and not because they HAVE to…

… but your medical school never taught you anything about personal finance or financial independence (though that didn’t stop them from handing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans)!

This is What We Will Cover In
The Financial Freedom Workshop for Physicians:


How to Create Positive Cash Flow

Without positive cashflow to invest or pay down debt, nothing else in personal finance matters.


The Two Golden Rules

Learn about the Two Golden Rules that helped me pay off $300,000 in student loan debt and increase our net worth by $500,000 in 30 months after I finished training!


The Step-by-Step Process

Join the Financial Freedom Workshop for Physicians and we will give you free access to our Financial Freedom Toolkit PDF (which we will go through during the workshop)!  


When to Invest Versus Pay Down Debt

Have you ever wondered whether you should invest toward your financial goals or pay down your pesky student loan, auto, or mortgage debt?  Let the Ten Step Cash Flow Waterfall we teach during the workshop take the guesswork away!


How to Learn More About Personal Finance

During this Two-Day Live Workshop, we will also discuss how you can continue to learn more about personal finance!


Why The Psychology of Money Matters!

It has been said that money is 20% math and 80% behavior… we will discuss how physicians are uniquely set up to struggle with money – and what you can do about it!

Meet Your Host…
Dr. Jimmy Turner

Dr. Jimmy Turner is an academic anesthesiologist, founder of the Medical Degree Financial University, author of The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance: The 20% of Personal Finance Doctors Need to Know to Get 80% of the Results, and host of the Money Meets Medicine and the Physician Philosopher podcasts.  


What have Students Said About Jimmy’s Personal Finance Courses?

whitney smith md

Dr. Whitney Smith - Urologist

“Through the Medical Degree to Financially Free (MDFF) course, I have taken steps toward paying down my student loan debt quickly, and have designed a plan that will allow me to achieve financial freedom sooner than I thought was possible. Personal finance no longer intimidates me. I highly recommend this course for any physician or physician trainee.”

Dr. Stephen Freiberg - Anesthesiologist

“Dr. Turner not only clearly teaches the important concepts one needs to understand in order to achieve financial freedom, but provides you with a detailed, step-by-step plan.  But the true value of this course, is in Dr. Turner. He is so passionate about helping physicians find success. He’s a true asset to have in your financial corner.  I have no doubt that this course will pay off in multiples, both in dollars and happiness, for years to come.”

Dr Jeff Bank

Dr. Jeff Bank - Gastroenterologist

“The amount of financial knowledge I gained in a short amount of time has been hugely valuable and is going to save me tens of thousands in the long-term. I appreciated Jimmy’s engaging teaching style and the dynamic way in which he presented information in a whiteboard fashion. He explains concepts in a way that both beginners and experts can glean useful knowledge.”