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The Personal Finance Education You Wish You Had in Medical School!

Learn how to create the financial freedom to make practicing medicine optional!


What We Offer

Inside MDFU, we provide live learning each week (don’t worry it is all recorded if you miss it live), including the following:

Online Courses

Don’t know a thing about personal finance? From our intro MDFF course to upcoming courses on building an investor policy statement and more, we’ve got you!

Live Lecture Series

Tag along with a specific live lecture series on a personal finance topic! Things like student loans, personal finance 101, investing, and asset protection! 

Career Coaching

Monthly group coaching with a certified coach on jobs, transitions, and much more!  If you have ever wanted to try coaching, this is a great way to get started.

Private Community

We know that sometimes you just need to get a question answered!  This is the place to do it.

Member's Minutes

A newsletter where we take a deep dive into someone’s student loan situation, answer questions, and give member updates!

MDFU Archives

Did you miss a recent lecture series, coaching call, or set of lessons? Don’t worry, we stash them in our archives!

Our Most Popular Courses

These are just a few of our most popular courses and live lecture series!

physician negotiation
Physician Side Gig
investor policy statement

What People Are Saying

“Dr. Turner not only clearly teaches the important concepts one needs to understand in order to achieve financial freedom, but provides you with a detailed, step-by-step plan.  But the true value of this course, is in Dr. Turner. He is so passionate about helping physicians find success. He’s a true asset to have in your financial corner.  I have no doubt that this course will pay off in multiples, both in dollars and happiness, for years to come.”

Stephen Freiberg, MD

whitney smith md

“Through the Medical Degree to Financially Free (MDFF) course, I have taken steps toward paying down my student loan debt quickly, and have designed a plan that will allow me to achieve financial freedom sooner than I thought was possible. Personal finance no longer intimidates me. I highly recommend this course for any physician or physician trainee.”

Whitney Smith, MD

Dr Jeff Bank

“The amount of financial knowledge I gained in a short amount of time has been hugely valuable and is going to save me tens of thousands in the long-term. I appreciated Jimmy’s engaging teaching style and the dynamic way in which he presented information in a whiteboard fashion. He explains concepts in a way that both beginners and experts can glean useful knowledge.”

Jeff Bank, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in MDFU?

Medical Degree Financial University consists of the following.

  • Courses on Personal Finance – Every so often we put together an online course on personal finance. When they get released, we let our students know! 
  • Live personal finance lectures – typically conducted as a “series”.  In other words, we might do 6 lectures in a row on student loans. Then, we move to investing for 5 weeks, etc.
  • A monthly career coaching call – this is where you can get coached about career decisions by a certified coach who is also an attending physician.
  • Outside expert speakers – we line up speakers as we are able. Topics include real estate, money for women physicians, financial independence retire early, etc.
  • Monthly Member’s Minutes – in this monthly video we talk about the upcoming calls for the month, provide an individual student loan analysis for one student per month, and a lesson for the month.
  • Private Community – we have a private facebook group specifically for MDFU members.

Is MDFU for early career and physicians-in-training only?

The primary audience and lecture content are created for physicians-in-training and early career physicians.

That said, all medical professionals deserve to be financially literate.  MDFU welcomes any medical professional who wants to become financially literate and create the financial freedom they need to practice medicine no matter their training background or experience.  

If you are looking for a physician-only environment in which to get coached, please check out the Alpha Coaching Experience.

Are the lectures and calls live?

Yes.  They are also recorded because we know how busy our MDFU students lives can be.  So, if you cannot make one of the lectures, outside speakers, or coaching calls live – we will record them.  

Then, you can listen to them just like a podcast on the way to work, folding laundry, working out, or doing dishes!

Who teaches the lectures?

The lectures are given by Dr. Jimmy Turner, Dr. Lisha Taylor (our student loan guru), or an outside speaker.

Dr. Jimmy Turner is a practicing academic anesthesiologist at Wake Forest and the founder of The Physician Philosopher, LLC.  He hosts The Physician Philosopher podcast and is the author of The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance: The 20% of Personal Finance Doctors Need to Know to Get 80% of the Results. He also previously co-hosted the Money Meets Medicine podcast.

Dr. Altelisha “Lisha” Taylor is a family medicine physician who has a passion for promoting physician wellness through financial literacy. She is the founder of Career Money Moves and creator of the Facebook Group Financial Grand Rounds, two platforms that help busy young professionals, especially doctors, put systems in place to build wealth and live the life of their dreams. Dr. Lisha Taylor got her bachelors from Duke University, MD from the University of Florida, and did her residency at Emory University. She worked as an exclusive content writer for Doximity, has spoken to numerous physician groups about personal finance for physicians.



What is Career Coaching?

In addition to MDFU, Dr. Turner also runs the Alpha Coaching Experience – which is the premier coaching program that helps doctors create a life they love in medicine.

Each month inside MDFU, we bring an Alpha coach from ACE to perform career coaching for the MDFU students.  So, if you want help reducing your burnout in residency or thinking through a career move,  a contract, or your rank list for residency, these coaching calls are the place to do it.

This is a group-style coaching call meaning that you can see how a coach helps other people think through their life and career situations, which will – in turn – help you think through yours as you learn coaching concepts and skills.  It is also a great way to build community with other MDFU students.

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